The sides bent to shape. Hanna's are the one's in the middle.

sidetriplts.jpg (31136 bytes)

Back pieces joined, with a strip down the center. Hanna is on the left. Check out that gorgeous mesquite back for Jack Ingram's guitar on the right.

triplebacks.jpg (32171 bytes)

Back bracing glue up.

smithemback1199.jpg (50698 bytes)

Sides glued to the end blocks.

smithmetopc.jpg (46128 bytes)

Top bracing glue up.

BSOMBracingGlueUp.jpg (53751 bytes)

Here the top bracing has been hand shaped. (23743 bytes)

Talked Vince into stopping in mid-carve to take some action shots of the back bracing being shaped. He says this back rang just like a sound board when you tapped it.

bsom.backbracing.013000a.jpg (61453 bytes)

guitar.left.gif (4580 bytes)

guitar.right.gif (4145 bytes)