Rosewood veneer glued onto the peg head. 053100b.jpg (131033 bytes)
And the binding glued to the peg head. 053100d.jpg (28672 bytes)
Setting up to cut the inlays for the peg head. 053100a.jpg (63447 bytes)
Templates glued on the abalone, ready for cutting. 053100c.jpg (29828 bytes)
The (first) inlay set into the rosewood veneer... inlay4.jpg (40301 bytes)
Yes, I said first. Vince didn't think it was good enough, so he did it again with cocobola instead of rosewood. cocobill0705.jpg (103689 bytes)
Inlay has been glued in place. headstock.inlay.glue.jpg (29684 bytes)
Finished headstock inlay. headstock.inlay.jpg (43170 bytes)
Vince sent me the original inlay as a souvenir. The USPS didn't like it either.

guitar.left.gif (4580 bytes)

guitar.right.gif (4145 bytes)